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coverSara Sassafras and the Tiguar
A Children’s Board Book

An imaginative children’s board book that brings to life a trip to the zoo where a little girl learns about tigers, cheetahs, leopard and jaguars. A portion of the proceeds will be donated toward the care of the big cats at the Erie Zoo.  (details below). Order now through PayPal – $12.95+tax.

The story behind the book

When my son, Arthur, was 2 years old and just learning to talk, some of his first words were the names of the big cats at the Erie Zoo – a place he has and will forever hold dear in his heart. He coined the phrase “Tiguar” (pronounced Tye-gwy-er) when he was learning the difference between tigers and jaguars, and he even applied it to our house cat Mickey, a mackerel tabby. When Mickey had to have emergency surgery for bladders stones, he exclaimed with fear and anger, “Mommy! You cut orange tiguar in half!” And he started bawling.

I loved the word so much – and I loved how much he loved animals so much – that I sat down and out this book came. That was years ago. Thanks to the talented George Norman Lippert, the book is now fully illustrated and we will be taking it to print this summer. Proceeds from the book will be donated to the Erie Zoo and the wonderful home and environment they provide for their big cats.

If your little one loves the Erie Zoo (or any zoo) and loves books, we hope you’ll consider purchasing this one to enjoy as a timeless bedtime story. For a donation of $12.95 plus $3.75 shipping ($16.70 total), you’ll receive a custom board book printed at Pint Size productions – board books printed inside the United States – and approximately $4 from the purchase will be donated to the Erie Zoo. (The more we sell, the higher the number goes per book.) Any additional funds you provide through GoFundMe will go directly to the Zoo as well. Thank you!

Don’t want the book? Please still donate a minimum of $12.95 and your copy can be donated to the Erie Zoo to give to children through their education program or donated to a local library or school. Our goal is to sell a minimum of 3,000 books to make the project viable, with a stretch goal of 5,000. Please share to help us get there!

Click the video above to hear the audio version.

About the story itself

A young girl, Sara, spends a day at the zoo learning about all the different types of animals and big cats there are around the world. That night, her dreams take her on an imaginative adventure that is sure to help little ones remember which cat is which. A perfect mix of science, story and imagination.

About the title

When my husband and I were newly married, I said if we had a girl first, I wanted to name her “Sara Sassafras Amick.” He said we were absolutely not naming our daughter Sara Sassafras, about which I teased him endlessly, saying I’d do it anyway. His rebuttal was “It sounds like the name of a character in a children’s book, so go write that!” And well. I did.

Today we have two beautiful children, Arthur and Abigail, and a whole series of Sara Sassafras books in text. This is the first of our fun we are showing the world.

Are we working with the Erie Zoo?

Yes! We are working closely with the zoo in publishing this book, which is dedicated to Artie and the zoo.

Age/reading level?

The board book is ideal for kids 3-5, and perfect for older kids who want to read to younger siblings. Also the perfect format for toddler hands. Books are $12.95, and partial proceeds go to the big cats at the Erie Zoo. (Wholesale pricing is available upon request.)