Read Something New is dedicated to helping new and established writers share good stories and to helping you, hungry readers, find something new to love and read.

We know genres exist for a reason. Romance. Crime. Nonfiction. Historical. YA. Steampunk. Fantasy. Literary Fiction. These categories, like author-followings, help us organize ourselves and find what we’re looking for.

But sometimes life needs to get a little disorganized. Let’s face it. Always clean, always expected is incredibly boring.

That’s why we’re here: To help you find and try something new, something unexpected, that you’d never before considered or would have found. We’re not going to ask you what you like to read. And we’re not going to serve you up something you’ll like based on what you read before. We’re going to show you something new, as often as we can. (Right now, that’s not too often. But bear with us. We’re building.)

Sign up for our newsletter to get commentary and entire first chapters of books that we promise tell good stories and hear about new releases through our press. All you have to do is to be willing to suspend belief, be willing to be entertained and be willing to try something new.

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